The priceless translation: why so expensive?

“Too expensive! Another Agency charged me less.” — This is what Translation Project Manager hears at least once a month. And this is pretty accurate: translation services may feel a bit pricey. Why do Translation Agency services cost so much? Let's check out some significant reasons.

Team's effort for better quality

High-quality services don't just exist as is: they require huge back-end work. To ensure your linguists are true professionals, Agency's team handles multiple tests, proves experts in long-term cooperation, and runs continuous quality checks of their work.

We have to admit: some translations fail. Because nobody's perfect! And here comes the superhero team of internal editors and quality testers. Negative results are deeply analyzed; every step is reviewed to find out the failure reasons and eliminate them; then every flaw is fixed to result in a perfect text ready to be sent to the client (who will NEVER know something went wrong!).

What happens to the translator (if they were the reason for failure)? It depends! Mostly, agencies provide detailed feedback, organize training, and hold additional tests. The mandatory editor is assigned for future works of this translator. If the failure was critical or repeating, unfortunately — the agency stops this cooperation.

You are lucky to meet a freelancer who makes no mistakes! Otherwise, imagine doing all this alone, the last moment before the translation should be used. The Agency's team is always helpful here.

Choosing the best for you

The main rule of Translation Agencies — review, proofread and review once again. So, translation normally goes through several steps (with two actors, at least, a translator and a proofreader).

Complex projects demand a big team: translator, editor, proofreader, DTP editor and designer, the quality check assistant, project manager, and sometimes notary. We intentionally speak about main actors only, not mentioning programmers and software assistants, office managers, cleaners, etc. We select the best MAIN actors for you to make the best result, whose time cannot be cheap based on their experience, expertise and knowledge. Offering low prices, the Agency either lacks in quality of its services or loses its profit. Both don't make sense!

Keeping in the market and respecting our employees

Both translation and interpretation belong to intellectual activities that involve several people to complete the full cycle. Offering lower salaries for their services would either lead to the market falling or losing good experts. There are surely some thrilling events and projects worth working on at lower rates or even for free, and we do them! But would you really like working for peanuts losing both revenue and employees all the time?

How to make it cheaper?

Sometimes, as we said, making the project cheaper is possible. Speaking to customers honestly is a great solution in this case. We try to suggest alternatives while sharing all possible risks with our clients, and often there is a productive happy middle ground! IMPORTANTL: choosing the cheaper option, ask the Agency where you can lose. And demand a fair answer, in order not to be (badly) surprised with extra long deadlines or poor design.

Some definitely like it cheap, but in any case you get what you pay for! Choosing between the vendors, always consider what's included in the price. Reach out for a consultation with our team about your project.