Our Brands at the Largest Middle East Event GITEX Global – 2021

On the threshold of GITEX Global, we have collected some interesting facts about why automation in the Middle East is trending, and how our solution can be useful for UAE businesses. Read the article to learn about the latest trends we’ve gathered.

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In the context of Industry 4.0 trends, industrial automation all around the world becomes the most discussed topic. The global automation market is expected to grow up to 216.47 billion by 2023. We’ve found out, why the bigger interest in remote industrial control solutions arose all around the world, not excepting the Middle East. Check out the facts we’ve found, and how Our Brands can be helpful.

The Trending Needs

Major industries require the perfect mission-critical control solutions. Better control and operation lead to reaching the company’s goals faster and more efficiently. This is the reason why digitalization, automation, and modern no-code solutions are the most required needs right now. The pandemic has added to it as companies had to accept new working rules, and transform their processes.

Reaching Out to the Middle East

The Middle East is the second largest in the world by producing crude oil (over 30 percent of global oil production). That is why critical infrastructure and mission-critical control are exceptionally important for a region. Other industries’ migration to Industry 4.0 solutions was not that fast, but the Covid-19 pandemic pitched in. Leesman survey showed that 53% of manufacturing and engineering workers around the world have never had a home-working experience. So the industries had to find a solution to organize effective remote work. In the Middle East, the integration of different industrial automation systems on a single physical server and remote access capabilities became the first demand in all the industries affected. Modern no-code and low-code solutions were designed to cover these needs and make complicated things easier.

Our Brands As a Solution

Our Brands are the solution. The software was designed to cover all the Industry 4.0 needs: it covers traditional SCADA opportunities, offers a user-friendly interface, and convenient web access to data for any employee responsible for the processes.

Our Brands will be showcased at GITEX Technology Week 2021 in Dubai next week. Our team is already on their way to the Dubai World Trade Center, where they will be ready to discuss world automation trends at the H2 booth.

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